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Nicholas Copeman

Naval careerEdit

Copeman served in World War II and was deployed to Norway 1940.[1] In 1948 he was appointed Deputy Director of Torpedo, Mining and Anti-Submarine Warfare at the Admiralty.[1] He went on to be Captain in charge of the 2nd Minesweeping Flotilla in 1950 and joined the Admiralty Interview Board in 1952.[1] He was made Commanding Officer of the torpedo school HMS Vernon in 1953 and Commander of the 4th Destroyer Squadron in 1955.[1] He became Vice Controller of the Navy in 1956 and Fourth Sea Lord in 1958.[1] He was made Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic and South America Station in 1960 and was based in Freetown[2] before leaving his post and retiring in 1963.[1]

In retirement he served as Commandant of the Sunningdale Park (Civil Defence) Staff College from 1966 to 1969.[1]