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Newsweek Argentina was an Argentine monthly news magazine, published as the local edition of Newsweek. Its editorial director was Alex Milberg, and its senior editor was Matías Loewy.[1]

Newsweek Argentina
Newsweek Argentina magazine cover.jpg
Editor-in-chief Sergio Szpolski
Categories News
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Manucorp, S.A.
Total circulation
First issue August 2, 2006
Final issue 2014
Country Argentine
Language Rioplatense Spanish
Website Newsweek Argentina

History and profileEdit

The magazine was inaugurated on August 2, 2006, and belonged to Sergio Szpolski's media group, Grupo Veintitrés'.[2] Szpolski sold a 50% share therein to Matías Garfunkel.[3]

The magazine included both articles and editorials written in the Argentine bureau located in Palermo, Buenos Aires, as well as translations from the namesake U.S. publication. Part of the magazine was also distributed as an in-flight magazine in Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral Líneas Aéreas as a reprint within Cielos Argentinos.[4]

Regular contributors included: Rosendo Fraga, Sergio Bergman, and Lucas Llach (Economics); Ana Gerschenson (Argentine politics); Juan Pablo de Santis (Business); Alejandro Zanoni (information technology); and Tamara di Tella (Argentine culture).[1]

The magazine was closed in 2014.


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