Newspaper Row (San Francisco)

Newspaper Row in San Francisco referred to the intersections of Market Street, Kearny Street, Third Street and Geary Street, where three of San Francisco's largest daily newspapers were headquartered. By 1902, The San Francisco Call, The San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle were in buildings on the corner, with the Chronicle in the Chronicle Building, the Call in the Spreckels Building and the Examiner in the Examiner building. The row became known as the "Times Square of the West".[1][2][3]

1906 Earthquake and FireEdit

Newspaper Row was partially destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco Fire. The Call and Examiner buildings were slowly gutted over two hours, and the Chronicles building was similarly destroyed.[4] The three newspapers published a combined issue from the office of the Oakland Tribune.[5][6]


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