New South Wales Z23 class locomotive

The Z23 class (formerly O.446 class) was a class of steam locomotives built in 1891 for the New South Wales Government Railways in Australia.[2][3][4]

New South Wales Z23 Class
NSWGR O.446 Class Locomotive.jpg
O.446 Class Locomotive
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderBaldwin Locomotive Works[1]
Total produced12[1]
 • Whyte4-6-0[1]
Gauge4 ft 8+12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge[1]
Driver dia.5 ft 1 in (1,549 mm)[1]
Total weight90.37 long tons
(101.21 short tons; 91.82 t)[1]
 • Firegrate area
27.7 sq ft (2.57 m2)[1]
Boiler pressure160 psi (1,100 kPa) [1]
Cylinder size21 in × 24 in
(533 mm × 610 mm)[1]
Performance figures
Tractive effort22,209 lbf (98.79 kN)[1]
DispositionAll scrapped

Royal CommissionEdit

Although this may have been the result of a contemporary anti-American bias, these locomotives were said to be too heavy and too wide at the cylinders, and were the subject of a Royal Commission.[5]


2305 was the first withdrawn in May 1933. By 1941, only six were left, with the last, 2304, being withdrawn in September 1946.[1] None has survived onto preservation.

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