New Nambu M66

The New Nambu M65/M66 (originally called the SCK-65/66) is a Japanese submachine gun manufactured in 1965 by Shin-Chuō Koygo Industries (Formerly Nambu Arms Manufacturing Company; now Minebea). It is blowback operated, and fires from an open bolt. It fires the 9×19mm Parabellum round, from 30 round box magazines. The firearm was only tested and produced under trials for the considered replacement of the aging M3 submachine gun that was supplied by the United States Military during the formation of the National Police Reserve after the war.[1]

New Nambu M65/M66
TypeSubmachine gun
Place of originJapan
Service history
In serviceJapan Self-Defense Forces
(Testing and Trials Only)
Used byJapan Self-Defense Forces
Production history
DesignerShin-Chuō Industries (Now Minebea)
ManufacturerShin-Chuō Industries
No. builtPrototypes Only
VariantsM65, M66
Mass4.08 kg (M65)
3.96 kg (M66)
LengthM65: 763mm (Stock Folded: 501mm)
M66: 756mm (Stock Folded: 504mm)
Barrel length154mm (M65)
140mm (M66)

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum
ActionBlowback, Open-Bolt
Rate of fire550 RPM (M65)
465 RPM (M66)
Feed system30-Round Detachable Box Magazine
SightsIron Sight

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