New London Architecture

New London Architecture (NLA) is an independent information resource and discussion forum focused on London's built environment. Its audience are professionals, the public and politicians.[1] It is at The Building Centre in London, England.[2] The Chairman is Peter Murray.[3][4]

Origins and purposeEdit

NLA was founded in 2005[5] and its stated mission is "to bring people together to shape a better city".[6]


NLA delivers over 150 events per year, including a mixture of round table discussions, conferences, debates, talks, walking tours, and receptions. The organisation also publishes research,[7] hosts rotating exhibitions,[8] holds awards[9] and organises international ideas competitions, such as "New Ideas for Housing" (2015).[10] NLA's main publication is New London Quarterly. New London Quarterly is circulated to 5,000 leading people with an interest in London's built environment.[11] Its galleries are open, free of charge, six days a week and receive over 10,000 visitors each month.[12]

New London ModelEdit

The NLA's permanent exhibition includes a 1:2000-scale interactive model of central London. The model is approximately 12.5 metres (41 ft) long and represents an area in excess of 85 square kilometres (33 sq mi) of London.[13] It was improved and extended in 2015.[14]


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