New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame

The New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame is a hall of fame for racing-related people in the New England region of the United States. NEAR was established in 1981. The New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame was established in 1998 by the New England Antique Racers.

New England Antique RacersEdit

The group had approximately 350-400 members and 80 antique race cars as of 2007.[1] The group has been inducting area racers in its hall of fame since 1998.[1] By design, the Hall has no permanent home. Instead, a mobile caravan of induction plaques, antique race cars and memorabilia is displayed at major auto racing shows and events in the region.

Inductees by yearEdit

  • Mario Fiore,[2] Moe Gherzi, Jerry Humiston, Jim Jorgensen, Joey Kourafas, Roland Lapierre Sr, Reggie Ruggiero, Irene Venditti
  • Buddy Bardwell,[3] Punky Caron, Louis D'Amore, Jerry Dolliver, Danny Galullo, Garuti Brothers, Vic Kangas, Val LeSieur, Skip Matczak, Dan Meservey, Russ Nutting
  • Chuck Arnold,[4] Archie Blackadar, Geoff Bodine, Frank Ferrara, Pete Fiandaca, Bob Garbarino, Marty Harty, Vic Miller, Mike Murphy, George Savary, Billy Simons
  • Bob Bahre,[5] Art Barry, Bert Brooks, Tom Curley, Bobby Dragon, John Fitch, Harold Hanaford, Rollie Lindblad, Jim McConnell, Paul Richardson, Bertha Small
  • Dave Alkas, Dick Batchelder, Dick Berggren, Joe Brady, Howie Brown, Dave Darveau, Johnny Gammell, George Lombardo, Fred Luchesi, Pete Zanardi
  • Bentley Warren. Jean Paul Cabana, Dave Dion, John Falconi Sr, Bob Johnson, John McCarthy, Bob Potter, John Rosati, George W. Barber, Dick Eagan, Dick Garrett
  • Gene Angelillo, Russ Conway, Ken Smith, Robbie Crouch, Bob Libby, Phil Libby, Jim McGee, Joe Rosenfield, Fred Gaudiosi, Bob Vitari, Vic Bombaci, Dick Wolsenhulme, Louis Seymour, Johnny Kay, Harold Cummings, Red Cummings, Bill Randall
  • Dick Armstrong, Smokey Boutwell, Don Collins, Joe Csiki, Moran Rabideau, Sonny Rabideau, Reino Tulonen
  • Richard Burgess, Stanley Fadden, Donald Hoenig, Booker T. Jones, Bob Judkins, Joe Sostilio, Bob Polverari, Dick Watson
  • Mario Caruso, Fats Caruso, Homer Drew, Charlie Elliott, Dave Humphrey, Buddy Krebs, Don LaJoie, Chauncey Maggiacomo, Ralph Moody, Ron Narducci, George Summers
  • Leo Cleary, Fred DeSarro, Melvin Foote, Billy Greco, Ralph Harrington, Hop Harrington, Marvin Rifchin, Anthony Venditti, Eddie West

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