New England Association

The New England Association was an Independent level minor league baseball league that played in the 1877 season and briefly in the 1895 season. The league franchises were based in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The New England Association was an eight–team league in 1877 and a six–team league in 1895 and permanently folded after the partial 1895 season. The 1877 league was one of the earliest minor leagues.

New England Association
ClassificationIndependent (1877, 1895)
SportMinor League Baseball
Inaugural season1877
CeasedJuly 6, 1895
PresidentJ.C. Morse (1895)
No. of teams10
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles1
Lowell Ladies Men (1877)
Lawrence Indians (1895)
New England League

Baseball Hall of Fame members Candy Cummings managed Lynn in the 1877 New England Association and Ned Hanlon played for the 1877 Fall River Casscades.


Formed for the 1877 season, the New England Association began play on May 3, 1877, as an eight–team league, but ended the season reduced to four teams. The league was one of the earliest minor leagues. On August 27, 1877, Providence turned a triple play in a game against Lowell. The Lowell Ladies Men, with a 33–7 record, won the championship, finishing 4.0 games ahead of the second place Manchester Reds who finished with a 29–11 record. Lowell and Manchester were followed in the final standings by the Fall River Cascades (19–21) and Providence Rhode Islanders (11–29). Both Lowell and Fall River had also been members of the 1877 League Alliance agreement, and in one game on June 12, 1877, future Hall of Famer Pud Galvin pitched the International Association member Pittsburgh Alleghenies to a 3–2 win over Lowell. The Lynn Live Oaks (8–22), Fitchburg, Haverhill and Lawrence franchises all folded before the 1877 New England Association season ended on October 15, 1877. The New England Association folded after the 1877 season.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

In November 1877, the Lowell Ladies Men defeated the major leagues' National League champion Boston Red Caps 9–4 in an exhibition contest.[11]

The New England Association had two Baseball Hall of Fame members in the 1877 league. Hall of Fame inductee Candy Cummings managed the 1877 Lynn Live Oaks, while fellow Baseball Hall of Fame member Ned Hanlon played for the 1877 Fall River Casscades at age 19.[12][13][2][14][5][15][16]

In 1895, the New England Association reformed as a six–team independent league under the direction of president J.C. Morse. The six franchises were Fitchburg, Haverhill, Lawrence Indians, Lowell, Nashua Rainmakers and Salem. On May 3, 1895, in a game at Nashua, Lawrence defeated Nashua 36–17. The Fitchburg and Haverhill franchises both disbanded on June 20, 1895. Salem moved to Haverhill on June 20, 1895. On May 21, 1895, William Regan of Salem threw the New England Association's only no-hitter against Fitchburg in a 6–0 victory. The New England Association permanently disbanded mid–season on July 8, 1895. At season's end, the Lawrence Indians won the New England Association championship with a 33–19 record, followed by the Nashua Rainmakers (27–21), Lowell (24–24) and Salem/Haverhill (20–28).[17][18][19]

New England Association franchisesEdit

Team name City represented Ballpark Year(s) active
Fall River Cascades Fall River, MA Unknown[2] 1877
Fitchburg Fitchburg, MA Fitchburg Driving Park[20] 1877, 1895
Haverhill Haverhill, MA Athletic Park[21] 1877, 1895
Lawrence Indians Lawrence, MA Glen Forest Park[22] 1877, 1895
Lowell Ladies Men Lowell, MA Fair Grounds Field[23] 1877, 1895
Lynn Live Oaks Lynn, MA Unknown[15] 1877
Manchester Reds Manchester, NH Unknown[3] 1877
Nashua Rainmakers Nashua, NH Kinsley Street Grounds[24] 1895
Providence Rhode Islanders Providence, RI Unknown[25] 1877
Salem Salem, MA Donovan Park[26] 1895


League standingsEdit

1877 New England AssociationEdit

Team standings W L PCT GB Managers
Lowell Ladies Men 33 7 .825 Josiah Butler
Manchester Reds 29 11 .725 4.0 H. S. Clark
Fall River Cascades 19 21 .475 14.0 Jim Mutrie
Providence Rhode Islanders 11 29 .275 22.0 C. R. Dennis
Lynn Live Oaks 8 22 .267 NA Candy Cummings
Fitchburg NA NA NA NA NA
Haverhill NA NA NA NA NA
Lawrence Indians NA NA NA NA NA

1895 New England AssociationEdit

Team Standings W L PCT GB Managers
Lawrence Indians 31 19 .620 John Irwin
Nashua Rainmakers 27 21 .563 3.0 Edward Norton
Lowell 24 24 .500 6.0 Mike Mahoney / William Meade
Salem / Haverhill 20 28 .417 10.0 Frank Leonard
Fitchburg 12 25 .324 NA Lawrence Thyne
Haverhill 12 26 .316 NA William Dwyer / William Laverty

Notable alumniEdit


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