New Cathedral of Plasencia

New Cathedral of Plasencia or Catedral de Asunción de Nuestra Señora is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the town of Plasencia, Region of Extremadura, Spain. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. [1]

The New Cathedral of Plasencia


The cathedral consists of two buildings: the old (Catedral Vieja), dedicated to Saint Paul, and the new (Catedral Nueva). Construction began in the 13th-century in a mostly Romanesque style. The 15th-century new church was built in Gothic architectural style with high ceilings. The main retablo was built in the 17th-century, carved by Gregorio Fernández and painted by Francisco Ricci. The choirs are delicately carved. The old church now houses the Cathedral museum.[2]



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Coordinates: 40°01′40″N 6°05′27″W / 40.0279°N 6.0909°W / 40.0279; -6.0909