Never Grow Up (book)

Never Grow Up (Chinese: 成龙:还没长大就老了; lit. 'Jackie Chan: Getting Old Before Growing Up') is a 2015 autobiography by Jackie Chan with Zhu Mo. The book tells of Chan's life story from childhood years at the China Drama Academy, his big breaks in Hong Kong and Hollywood and honorary Academy Award for his lifetime achievement in film, and his life as a husband and father. In December 2018, the book was released in English, translated by Jeremy Tiang, with the title Never Grow Up.[1]

Never Grow Up
NeverGrowUp Book Cover.jpg
First edition
AuthorJackie Chan, Zhu Mo
Original title成龙:还没长大就老了
TranslatorJeremy Tiang
CountryHong Kong
PublisherJiangsu literature and Art Publishing House (chinese)
Simon and Schuster (english)
Publication date
April 2015 (Chinese),
December 2018 (English)
Media typePapercover/Hardcover
Pages350 (Chinese),
352 (English)


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