Neuzeit S is a sans-serif typeface designed by Arthur Ritzel in 1959 (as Neuzeit-Buch) and 1966 (as Neuzeit-Buch S) for Linotype[1] and a corporate typeface for Siemens. The German name translates to English as "new time" and refers to the modern era. The face combines characteristics of both geometric and realist (neo-grotesque) sans-serif classifications, and is based on Neuzeit Grotesk, a more purely geometric sans-serif designed by Wilhelm Pischner in 1928 for the Stempel Type Foundry.

ClassificationGeometric sans-serif
Realist sans-serif
Designer(s)Arthur Ritzel (after Wilhelm Pischner)
Date released1959, 1966

Neuzeit S is distinct for its contrast of wide circular characters o, O, p, q, and Q with the more compact characters h, n, u, and t.

  • Fox News Channel uses this typeface as one of its lower third typefaces.


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