Neil Nunes

Neil Nunes (born 12 December 1980) (pronounced /nnɛz/ ) is a British Jamaican continuity announcer and newsreader on BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom, and on the BBC World Service.

Early lifeEdit

Nunes was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and brought up in the parish of Manchester.[1]


While studying for a degree in biology at Northern Caribbean University, he became involved with the university radio station as a presenter. He then went on to work as a newsreader and reporter for radio networks in the Dutch Caribbean while at the same time serving as a correspondent for the BBC Caribbean Service.[1] He studied as a postgraduate at the London School of Journalism.[2]

He began working as freelance announcer on BBC Radio 4 in 2006. Initially he suffered criticism for his strong Caribbean accent,[3][4] but was robustly defended[vague] by listeners on the programme Feedback. He is now a well-established announcer, and since November 2017 also reads the news.

Nunes joined the BBC World Service as a producer and presenter of current affairs programmes. He also reads world news bulletins on the World Service in addition to his Radio 4 continuity work. He also features as "Narrator" on Twirlywoos. His style of delivery is made light of by Jon Culshaw on Dead Ringers.


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