Neguinho do Samba

Neguinho do Samba (1954/1955[1] – October 31, 2009), born Antonio Luis Alves de Souza, was a Brazilian percussionist and musician. Samba was the founder of Olodum, an internationally known cultural group based in Salvador, Brazil.[2] Samba, a resident of Pelourinho, was considered to be the "father" of samba reggae in Bahia.[3]

Neguinho do Samba

In 1990, Samba appeared as a musician on Paul Simon's album, The Rhythm of the Saints.[2] In 1996, Olodum appeared in the music video for Michael Jackson's single "They Don't Care About Us".[2]

Neguinho do Samba died of heart failure on October 31, 2009, at the age of 54.[2] Samba was buried in the Jardim da Saudade cemetery in Salvador.[3]


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