Neetho is a 2002 Telugu romance film directed by John Mahendran, starring Prakash Kovelamudi and Mahek Chahal in their debut roles.[1]& in 2005 Remake from Tamil Sachien starring Vijay& Jeneliya

Neetho movie.jpg
Directed byJohn Mahendran
Written byJohn Mahendran
Produced byRamoji Rao
StarringPrakash Kovelamudi
Mahek Chahal
CinematographyChota K. Naidu
Music byVidyasagar
Release date
  • 27 June 2002 (2002-06-27)
Box office


Madhav (Prakash) is a new student of a college in Hyderabad. He spots a beautiful girl Shalini (Mahek) and falls in love with her. Madhav is a chilled out and down to earth person but Shalini is short-tempered. She gets into a fight with an eve teaser whose father happens to be a notorious faction leader. When Madhav confronts the leader, it is revealed that Madhav is the son of Manohar (Prakash Raj), a successful industrial tycoon. A flashback episode begins and it is revealed that Manohar wants Madhav to select a bride for himself. Madhav feels that girls want to marry him only because he is the son of a billionaire. He requests his dad to give him a year's time so that he will join a college in Hyderabad as a normal student and selects a girl who loves him truly. When Shalini rejects Madhav's proposal, he asks her to act as his lover for 30 days and he says that she would automatically fall in love. Shalini accepts the offer and starts acting as his lover for 30 days. After 30 days, Shalini tells Madhav that she is not in love with him. Deep inside, she begins to like him, but she suppresses her feelings due to her preconceived notion of not falling in love. After a lot of rethinking, she decides to express her love. Her plans are spoilt when she comes to know that Madhav is the son of a billionaire. She thinks that Madhav might misunderstand her and feel she changed her mind after realizing that he is the son of a wealthy tycoon. What eventually happens between the two forms the climax of the movie.



The soundtrack is composed by Vidyasagar. Lyrics of all the songs were penned by Chandrabose.

No Title Singer(s) Writer(s)
1 "Navvali Neetho" Hariharan Chandrabose
2 "Arare Evaridi" Harish Raghavendra
3 "Pannendintiki" K. S. Chithra, Vijay Yesudas
4 "Jaajipulu" Sujatha, Febi Mani
5 "Panchabuthala" KK, Sadhana Sargam
6 "Dil Dil Dil" Karthik, P. Jayachandran


The film received negative reviews and was a box-office failure.[2]