Needham's Point Lighthouse

Needham's Point Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the southwest coast of Barbados.[1]

Needham's Point Lighthouse
Needhams Point Lighthouse, Carlisle Bay, Barbados 2013-08-04 17-57.jpg
LocationCarlisle Bay
Coordinates13°04′43″N 59°36′39.4″W / 13.07861°N 59.610944°W / 13.07861; -59.610944Coordinates: 13°04′43″N 59°36′39.4″W / 13.07861°N 59.610944°W / 13.07861; -59.610944
Constructionmasonry tower
Height13 metres (43 ft) (first)
9 metres (30 ft) (current)
Shapeoctagonal tower with balcony and lantern (first)
steel mast (current)
Markingswhite tower and black lantern (first)
white and red bands (current)
Focal height13 metres (43 ft) (current)
Range14 nmi (26 km; 16 mi) (white), 10 nmi (19 km; 12 mi) (red) Edit this on Wikidata
CharacteristicFI WR 8s.

Needham's Point lighthouse is one of four still existent historic lighthouses in Barbados. Unlike the others it has a stationary rather than rotating beacon.


Needham's Point Lighthouse as seen from the coastline

The octagonal lighthouse was constructed in 1855 at the southern end of Carlisle Bay. It is currently non-functional and partially restored by the Hilton Hotel which owns the lighthouse and surrounding grounds. Because of the proximity of a large block of rooms, the lighthouse can only be seen from the beach to the south of the hotel.[2]

During its period of active use the lighthouse's focal plane stood at 43 ft / 13 m and flashed at an 8-second interval.[3] Owing to the stationary nature of the lights the lighthouse lens was half red and half green to allow sailors to know whether they were port or starboard side of Carlisle Bay.[4]

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