Neea is a genus of plants in family Nyctaginaceae from the Caribbean region, Central and South America. Members of the genus are commonly called Nia, Neea, or saltwood. The genus was named by botanists José Pavón and Hipólito Ruiz in honor of Luis Née, a botanist on the Malaspina Expedition.

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Neea theifera
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Nyctaginaceae
Tribe: Pisonieae
Genus: Neea
Ruiz & Pav.

Selected speciesEdit

It contains the following species (but this list may be incomplete):

  • Neea acuminatissima, Standl. see Neea amplifolia
  • Neea amaruayensis, Steyerm
  • Neea amplexicaulis, Dwyer & M.V. Hayden
  • Neea amplifolia, Donn. Sm.
  • Neea anisophylla, Ernst
  • Neea bangii, Rusby
  • Neea belizensis, Lundell see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea bernardii, Steyerm.
  • Neea bracteosa, Steyerm.
  • Neea brevipedunculata, Steyerm.
  • Neea brittonii, Standl.
  • Neea buxifolia, (Hook. f.) Heimerl is an unresolved name
  • Neea cauliflora, Heimerl see Neea floribunda
  • Neea cedenensis, Steyerm.
  • Neea choriophylla, Standl. see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea clarkii, Steyerm.
  • Neea darienensis, Dwyer & M.V. Hayden
  • Neea davidsei, Steyerm.
  • Neea delicatula, Standl.
  • Neea divaricata, Poepp. & Endl.
  • Neea ekmanii, Heimerl is an unresolved name
  • Neea elegans, Dwyer & S.M. Hayden see Neea amplifolia
  • Neea elegans, P.H. Allen see Neea amplifolia
  • Neea floribunda, Poepp. & Endl.
  • Neea gentlei, Lundell see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea grandis, Maguire & Steyerm.
  • Neea guaiquinimae, Steyerm.
  • Neea guatemalensis, Lundell see Neea amplifolia
  • Neea hermaphrodita, S. Moore
  • Neea hirsuta, Poepp. & Endl.
  • Neea huachamacarae, Steyerm.
  • Neea ignicola, Steyerm.
  • Neea laetevirens, Standl.
  • Neea laxa, Poepp. & Endl.
  • Neea liesneri, Steyerm.
  • Neea macrophylla, Britton ex Rusby see Neea brittonii
  • Neea macrophylla, Poepp. & Endl.
  • Neea mapourioides, Steyerm.
  • Neea marahuacae, Steyerm.
  • Neea neblinensis, Maguire & Steyerm.
  • Neea obovata, Spruce ex Heimerl
  • Neea oppositifolia, Ruíz & Pavón
  • Neea orosiana, Standl. see Neea amplifolia
  • Neea ovalifolia, Spruce ex J.A.Schmidt
  • Neea parimensis, Steyerm.
  • Neea parviflora, Poepp. & Endl.
  • Neea parvifolia, Lundell see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea pendulina, Heimerl
  • Neea pittieri, Standl.
  • Neea popenoei, P.H. Allen see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea psychotrioides, Donn. Sm.
  • Neea pycnantha, Standl. see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea robusta, Steyerm.
  • Neea schwackeana, Heimerl
  • Neea sebastianii, Steyerm.
  • Neea sphaerantha, Standl. see Neea psychotrioides
  • Neea spruceana, Heimerl
  • Neea subglabrata, Steyerm.
  • Neea subpubescens, Heimerl
  • Neea tenuis, Standl.
  • Neea tepuiensis, Steyerm.
  • Neea theifera, Oerst is an unresolved name
  • Neea tristis, Heimerl
  • Neea urophylla, Standl. see Neea amplifolia
  • Neea verticillata, Ruiz & Pav.
  • Neea virens, Poepp. ex Heimerl
  • Neea weberbaueri, Heimerl see Neea spruceana
  • Neea williamsii, Standl.
  • Neea xanthina, Standl. see Neea psychotrioides

  • Torrubia panamensis, Standl. see Neea delicatula


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