Nearly A Happy Ending is a television play written by Victoria Wood, which ITV broadcast on 1 June 1980.[1]

Nearly a Happy Ending
Opening title
Created byVictoria Wood
Directed byBaz Taylor
StarringVictoria Wood
Julie Walters
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of series1
No. of episodes1
ProducerPeter Eckersley
Running time66 minutes
Original release
Release1 June 1980 (1980-06-01)

It is a sequel to Wood's earlier play Talent, with the same lead characters: Julie (played by Julie Walters) and Maureen (played by Wood); although some minor plot points from Talent are either ignored or contradicted in this play.

According to the BFI's Screenonline website, the plot concerns "Maureen's ill-fated attempts to lose her virginity at a dismal salesmen's party in a Manchester hotel".[2]


  • Victoria Wood as Maureen
  • Julie Walters as Julie
  • Paul Seed as Tony
  • Rosemary Williams as Madge
  • Freddie Fletcher as Tim
  • Mike Kelly as Ken
  • Christopher Godwin as Barman
  • Peter Martin as Les Dickey
  • Jill Summers as Attendant
  • Roger Brierley as A.J. Germany
  • Patricia Roe as Evelyn (as Pat Roe)
  • Johnnie Tweed as Accountant (as Johnny Tweed)
  • The Square Pegs as Businessmen Quartet
  • Rebecca Storm as Tina
  • Bert Oxley as Taxi Driver
  • Pamela Austin as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Julie Bennett as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Brenda Castle as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Helen Dean as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Lorna Doone as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Doreen Driver as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Paula Greca as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Norma Hardy as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Lola Morice as Slimmers' Chorus
  • Hazel Sutton as Slimmers' Chorus


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