Ne Win's First Cabinet

The Caretaker Government of Ne Win was formed in 1958 after Ne Win, then Chief of Staff, took over state power from U Nu, then Prime Minister. This is the first caretaker government in Burmese history. After the 1960 election, power was restored to U Nu.[1][2]

Caretaker Government of the Union of Burma

Cabinet of Burma
1958 — 1960
Date formed28 October 1958
Date dissolvedApril 1960
People and organisations
Head of stateMahn Win Maung (President)
Head of governmentGeneral Ne Win (Prime Minister)
Deputy head of government
Member partyTatmadaw and others
PredecessorSecond U Nu Government
SuccessorThird U Nu Government



The political situation became chaotic after the ruling Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League (AFPFL) split in April 1958 as a clean AFPFL and stable AFPFL party. On the morning of September 26 1958, Colonel Aung Gyi, Brigadier General Tin Pe, Colonel Maung Maung from the Tatmadaw visited PM U Nu's house. In the evening, the executive meeting of the ruling AFPFL and the current cabinet ministers meetings were held consecutively. At that time, General Ne Win paid a short visit. The Cabinet meeting decided to nominate General Ne Win as the Prime Minister at a parliamentary session on 28 September.[1] Incumbent Prime Minister U Nu has written to General Ne Win to form a caretaker government to handle the conditions. U Nu told Ne Win to hold general election again within 6 months (April 1959).[3][4][5]

Then, in October 1958, a caretaker government was formed and sworn in at the Presidential Palace in Rangoon. Parliaments were not dissolved. This government is made up of a small portion of the military, mostly civilian ministers and local leaders. Newspapers reported that U Nu resigned and handed over power to General Ne Win, but some described it as a coup.[6][7]

On 29 April 1959, during the caretaker government, 34 Shan Saopha relinquished power.[8] General Election was held in February 1960 and U Nu won the election. However, two years later, in March 1962, the military seized power.


No Name Ministry
1 General Ne Win
2 Thein Maung (1958-1959)
Lun Baw (1959-1960) Deputy Prime Minister
3 Khin Maung Phyu Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Informatiom, Ministry of Immigration and National Registration
4 Chan Tun Aung Ministry of Justice
5 Kyaw Nyein Ministry of Finance and Revenue
6 Ba Kyar Ministry of Cooperatives and Commodity Distribution
7 San Nyunt Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Construction
8 U Kar Ministry of Education, Ministry of Forestry
9 Chit Thaung Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Labour
10 Sao Wanna Minister for Kayah State
11 Sao Hong Pe Minister for Shan State
  • Htan Hlyan
  • Yar Hmone[9]
Minister for Chin
13 Saw Hla Tum Minister for Kayin
14 Duwa Zaw Lun Minister for Kachin State



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