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Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy is an American television documentary film about Nazi occultism. It first aired in 1998 on the Discovery Channel. The documentary was directed by Tracy Atkinson and Joan Baran, narrated by Malcolm McDowell.

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy
Genre Documentary
Directed by Tracy Atkinson
Joan Baran
Narrated by Malcolm McDowell
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Running time 104 minutes
Original release 1998



The film discusses Wagner's opera Parsifal while the soundtrack plays the "Funeral March" from Götterdämmerung.

Television and DVD releaseEdit

The documentary was originally shown on television and subsequently released on VHS in the USA on April 6, 1999 by the BMG Distribution and in the UK on 20 Jan 2003 by the Lace International Ltd studio. The running time is 90 minutes.[1]

In Italy the documentary was released on DVD under the title Nazismo: La Cospirazione Occulta in 2003 by Medusa Video.

In Germany the documentary was released on DVD under the title Nazis: Die okkulte Verschwörung on the 8th November 2005 by M.I.B. – Medienvertrieb in Buchholz. The documentary was also shown on TV in a shortened version called Hitlers Mystiker.

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