Navshakti ( Marathi (मराठी) – नवशक्ति ) is a Marathi newspaper based in Mumbai, India. The newspaper has a circulation of 83,910 across the state of Maharashtra.[1] This paper was started by S. Sadanand.[2] P. R. Behere was its first editor.[3]: 279 

Owner(s)Indian National Press
PublisherIndian National Press
Editor-in-chiefG. L. Lakhotia
EditorSanjay Malme
Free online

Indian Literature mentions Prabhakar Padhye, editor of Navshakti as a "formidable editor" whose "political and social writing" stood out in the context of the Marathi language.[4]

Bhatkyachi Bhramanti


Bhatkyachi Bhramanti (Journey of a tramp[5]) was a weekly column by Pramod Navalkar. It ran for a record 52 years. It has found mention in Guinness World Records.[6] Kiran Tare writing in the Daily News and Analysis informs that Navalkar was writing this column when he died.[6] In this column Navalkar wrote about heads of criminal gangs, exposed gold smuggling, prostitution dens and bars. He used disguises to gain entry into exclusive brothels such as posing as an Arab to gain entry to a nude cabaret at Hotel Fariyas. Navalkar wrote free of charge.[7]


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