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"Natural Born Killaz" is a collaborative single released by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube for the soundtrack of the film Murder Was the Case. It was originally intended for the scrapped album Heltah Skeltah. It would later be used by professional wrestling tag team The Gangstas during their Extreme Championship Wrestling stint before being used by New Jack for the following years.

"Natural Born Killaz"
Single by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube
from the album Murder Was the Case
Format12" single, CD single
GenreHorrorcore, gangsta rap
LabelDeath Row/Interscope
Dr. Dre singles chronology
"U Better Recognize"
"Natural Born Killaz"
"Keep Their Heads Ringin'"
Ice Cube singles chronology
"Bop Gun (One Nation)"
"Natural Born Killaz"
"What Can I Do?"



It is the first time the duo had worked together since the split of N.W.A. The single was released in 1994 in the United States, but was not released until March 30, 1995 in the United Kingdom. The production credits features Soopafly on the keyboards and Nanci Fletcher on vocals.

The song covers such subjects as mass murder, Sarah Connor from the Terminator films, Al Cowlings' tight bond with O. J. Simpson, schizophrenia, Charles Manson, the attack on Reginald Denny during the Rodney King riots, strychnine poisoning, flagellation in Singapore, Jeffrey Dahmer, Kurt Cobain's suicide and psilocybin mushrooms.

Album and music videoEdit

The album song portrays a couple (performed by Priest ‘Soopafly’ Brooks and Nanci Fletcher) walking down the street in a bad neighborhood, until, from a distance, they are yelled at and verbally insulted by a local thug. Though the intro is different in the video and audio versions, both of them involve murder and end with the sound of a gunshot. The final shot of the video features a cameo from rapper and actor Tupac Shakur, prior to his association with Death Row Records, as a SWAT sniper who takes out Ice Cube's character.

Although the song and video were highly popular, and debuted a short time after release of the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers, the song did not appear in the film or on its soundtrack.

It did, however, appear in the 2011 film Bridesmaids starring Kristen Wiig.

Cover versionsEdit

In 1996, the song was covered by Christ Analogue for the electro-industrial various artists compilation Operation Beatbox.[2]

In 2014, the song was covered by the American metal band Conducting from the Grave and released as a free single. This was the final release from the band before their break-up.[3]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Natural Born Killaz" (Radio Edit) – 4:16
  2. "Natural Born Killaz" (Video Edit) – 6:33
  3. "Natural Born Killaz" (LP Version) – 4:52
  4. "What Would You Do" (featuring Tha Dogg Pound) (LP Version) – 5:09
  1. "Natural Born Killaz" (Radio Edit) – 4:16
  2. "Natural Born Killaz" (LP Version) – 4:52
  3. "U Better Recognize" (featuring Sam Sneed) (LP Version) – 3:55


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