Native Jetty Bridge

Native Jetty Bridge, also known as Napier Mole Bridge, is a bridge located in Karachi, Sindh which connects the city with the Port of Karachi.[1] It is one of the oldest bridges in Karachi.[1]

Native Jetty Bridge

نٽي جٽي جو پل
Native Jetty Bridge, Karachi.JPG
Native Jetty Bridge as seen from Port Grand
Coordinates24°50′35″N 66°59′26″E / 24.842919°N 66.990557°E / 24.842919; 66.990557
Official nameNative Jetty Bridge
Other name(s)Napier Mole Bridge
Named forCharles Napier
No. of lanes2
Construction start1830
Construction end1854


The modern port started its operations in 1854 during the British Raj, when a mole was constructed to connect city to the harbour. After few years Native Jetty Bridge was built with other important bridges in the area.[2] Due to increased traffic congestion, a new wider bridge, Jinnah Bridge, was constructed and replaced the old one.

Today, the old bridge has been converted to a Food Street and named as Port Grand Food and Entertainment Complex.

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