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National research and education network

A national research and education network (NREN) is a specialised internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within a country.

It is usually distinguished by support for a high-speed backbone network, often offering dedicated channels for individual research projects.

In recent years NRENs have developed many 'above the net' services. National Identity federations, many of which are represented in REFEDs, are one example of such services.

List of NRENs by geographic areaEdit

East and Southern AfricaEdit

North AfricaEdit

West and Central AfricaEdit

Indian SubcontinentEdit

Asia PacificEdit

North AmericaEdit

  • United States – although advocated since the 1980s,[1] the U.S. does not have one single NREN.
Name Type
Internet2 national
National LambdaRail national [closed]
vBNS national [closed]
Edge state (New Jersey)
ESnet national
NEREN regional (New England)
CENIC state (California)
CEN state (Connecticut)
Illinois Century Network state (Illinois)
KanREN state (Kansas)
Merit Network state (Michigan)
NERO state (Oregon)
NCREN state (North Carolina)
NYSERNet state (New York)
OARnet state (Ohio)
OSHEAN state (Rhode Island)
PennREN state (Pennsylvania)
UEN state (Utah)
WVNET state (West Virginia)
  • Canada
Name Type
CANARIE national
ACORN-NL provincial (Newfoundland and Labrador)
ACORN-NS provincial (Nova Scotia)
BCNET provincial (British Columbia)
Cybera provincial (Alberta)
GTAnet provincial (Ontario)
ECN provincial (New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island)
MRnet provincial (Manitoba)
ORION provincial (Ontario)
RISQ provincial (Quebec)
SRNet provincial (Saskatchewan)

Latin AmericaEdit

High-speed Fibre Optic Data Link to ALMA and REUNA.[2]


  • C@ribNET - Caribbean NREN
  • TTRENT - Trinidad and Tobago NREN
  • JREN - Jamaica NREN
  • RADEI - NREN of the Dominican Republic


Nordic countriesEdit

Middle EastEdit

Central AsiaEdit

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External linksEdit

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