National Theatre in Subotica

The National Theatre (Serbian: Народно позориште у Суботици / Narodno Pozorište u Subotici; Croatian: Narodno kazalište u Subotici; Hungarian: Népszínház) is a theater in Subotica, Serbia.

National Theatre in Subotica
Суботичко Народно Позориште
Subotičko Narodno Pozorište
National Theatre in Subotica, after its reconstruction
Capacity266 (Jadran cinema scene) and 60 (Soltis Studio)
(Temporary capacity, until reconstruction is finished)
Rebuilt1904, 1924-1927, 1975, 2007-present
ArchitectJános Skultéty (1854 building)

Reconstruction edit

The original building of the theater, which was built in 1854 as the first monumental public building in Subotica, was razed with the purpose of reconstruction by City authorities in 2007, although it was declared a historic monument under state protection in 1983,[citation needed] and in 1991 it was added to the National Register as a monument of an extraordinary cultural value.[citation needed] An international campaign was organized both in Serbia and in Hungary to save the original building.[citation needed] ICOMOS and INTBAU also protested against the decision, but with no avail.[citation needed] According to some opinions, the old town center of Subotica was severely damaged visually by this action.[citation needed] Some scanty remains of the destroyed building will be allegedly incorporated into the new theater.

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