National People's Party (South Africa, 1981)

The National People's Party was a South African political party founded in 1981 by Amichand Rajbansi. It participated in political structures established for Indian South Africans during the apartheid era: first the South African Indian Council, and then the House of Delegates in the Tricameral Parliament.

National People's Party
LeaderAmichand Rajbansi
Succeeded byMinority Front

The NPP controlled the South African Indian Council after its election in 1981. When the House of Delegates was created at the election of 1984, the NPP won 18 of 40 elected seats. In the election of 1989 it won only 8 seats, coming second to the Solidarity Party.

After the end of apartheid in 1994 the party reformed as the Minority Front.

Electoral historyEdit

House of Delegates electionsEdit

Election Party leader Votes % Seats +/– Position
1984 Amichand Rajbansi 29,862 36.12%
18 / 40
  18   1st
1989 38,523 24.9%
9 / 45
  9   2nd


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