National Order of the Lion

The National Order of the Lion (French: Ordre national du Lion du Sénégal) is the highest order of Senegal.[1]

National Order of the Lion
Order of the Lion grand cross badge (Senegal) - Tallinn Museum of Orders.jpg
Badge of the Grand Cross
Awarded by Senegal
Established22 October 1960; 61 years ago (1960-10-22)
MottoFrench: "Un Peuple, Un But, Une Foi" ("One People, One Goal, One Faith")
Grand MasterMacky Sall
Grand ChancellorOusmane Ibrahima Sall [fr]
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of Merit [fr]
SEN Order of the Lion - Knight BAR.png
Ribbon (Knight)

The order was instituted by Law 60-36 of 22 October 1960, later modified by Law 62-416 of 11 July 1962, and by Law 64-06 of 24 January 1964.[2] It is awarded for distinguished contributions,[3] both civil and military.[1] The order is one of two national orders of Senegal, the other one being the Order of Merit [fr]. Because the National Order of the Lion is awarded only sparingly to keep it in high esteem, the other order was established to recognize contributions that would otherwise be neglected.[3]

The President of Senegal is the Grand Master of the order and chairs the Council of the Order composed of ten people.[4] The Grand Chancellery of the order is under the Protocol Division of the Cabinet of Senegal.[5] The Grand Chancellor is counter admiral Ousmane Ibrahima Sall [fr].[6] The insignia, manufactured by Arthus-Bertrand in Paris,[7] bear the words "République du Sénégal ("Republic of Senegal") and the Senegalese national motto in French: "Un Peuple, Un But, Une Foi" ("One People, One Goal, One Faith").[1] The ribbon is green.[8]


Star of the Grand Cross

The order has the following five classes: Grand Cross (grand-croix), Grand Officer (grand officier), Commander (commandeur), Officer (officier), and Knight (chevalier).[1] Membership in the order is limited to 25 Grand Crosses, 100 Grand Officers, 200 Commanders, 1,000 Officers, and 5,000 Knights, not including foreign members.[4]

Ribbon bars[9]
Grand Cross
Grand Officer


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