National Order of Merit (Algeria)

The National Order of Merit (Ordre du Mérite National) is an order of merit awarded for all manner of services to the country. It was instituted 2 January 1984 and is quite complex, with three classes of 'Dignity' - each with collar, sash with badge and star - as well as Commander, Officer and Knight grades.

National Order of Merit
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Badge of the Order
Awarded by President of Algeria
TypeOrder of merit
Awarded foreminent civil, military or public service to the nation, and for exceptional service in the cause of the revolution.
StatusOrder of merit
President of Algeria
Grades6 (3 classes of 'Dignity' and commander, officer and knight).
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Medal for Martyrs of the War of National Liberation
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Foreign personalities:

Algerian personalities:



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