National Library (Vanuatu)

The National Library is the national library of Vanuatu. Located within the Vanuatu Cultural Centre in Port Vila, it contains about 15,000 books and serves both as a national repository for "rare and special" material, and as a lending library.[1][2] It was established in April 2004.[3]

The Library possesses two "special collections", one devoted to Vanuatu and the other to other parts of the Pacific.[4] It holds "some 500 rare items" about Vanuatu, primarily a collection of rare books.[3] Its "rare and special" items include "anthropological and archaeological materials, art and arts references, autobiographical records and biographies, a large section of works on the languages of Vanuatu, mission histories, oral traditions, cultural, historical and political records, journals, newspapers and periodicals".[4]

Anne Naupa serves as Chief Librarian.[3][4] In November 2013, the library established in a new building.[5]

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