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The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is an American motorsports organization promoting road racing and high-performance driver education.

Founded in 1991, NASA hosts High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), automotive rallies, time trials, autocross and amateur, club-level automotive racing, divided amongst regionally based chapters within the United States.

In September 2006, NASA held its first-ever National Championships at Mid-Ohio, the former home of the SCCA's "Runoffs". The NASA National Championships are open to any driver who earns points in a minimum of five regional races (in any NASA region or combination of regions).

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Time TrialEdit

Competitive RacingEdit

Racing SeriesEdit

944 Spec [1]

The Porsche 944™-924S™ spec class is a class for those individuals that wish to race a Porsche in a competitive series with limited expense and low cost of operation. The spirit of the class is for all cars to be equal in weight and horsepower and be competitive with one another. Eligible models include 1983-1988 Porsche 944, normally aspirated, 2479 cc, eight valve engine and 1987-1988 Porsche 924S, 2479 cc, eight valve engine.

American Iron Racing[2]

The American Iron Series is a series with 2 classes: American Iron (AI) and American Iron Extreme (AIX). The American Iron Series was created to meet the needs of domestic sedan racers looking for a series specifically tailored to accommodate modified vehicles that are currently relegated to racing in Unlimited or Spec-limited classes.

Camaro/Mustang Challenge [3]

Factory Five Challenge [4]

German Touring Series [5]

NASA's German Touring Series (GTS for short) is a road racing series involving six classes of German cars organized strictly based on power-to-weight ratios. This formula provides broad flexibility in both vehicle choice and in the modifications allowed. The result is a broad range of modifications and extraordinarily close racing.

GTS classes range from GTS1 (with a maximum power-to-weight ratio of 18.5 lbs per horsepower) all the way up through the unlimited GTSU which has no mandated limits.

Drivers are free to meet the specified power-to-weight ratios in any manner they choose. Some target lower horsepower but with low weight while others feel high horsepower (and the related extra weight) is the hot ticket. Many, of course, split the difference and sit somewhere in the middle. The concept behind GTS is that, as a car owner or driver, you can pursue your own chosen path to an optimal configuration.

GTS cars can come from BMW (also includes Mini), Volkswagen (Audi and Porsche included), or Daimler (Mercedes-Benz).

With large fields of beautiful and well-prepared cars and hard, close, racing, GTS is one of the most popular NASA series with both competitors and spectators alike as evidenced by the number of GTS entrants at a typical NASA race event.

Honda Challenge

Performance Touring [6]

Spec 986 / Spec Boxster [7] A Spec series for Porsche Boxsters from 1997 to 1999. Based on a stable ruleset that provides competitors with a reliable mid engined race car with excellent handling and braking characteristics and a very even performance envelope.

Showroom Spec Miata

Spec 3

Spec E30[8]

Spec Miata

Spec Z

Super Touring/Super Unlimited

Sanctioned Competition SeriesEdit

944 Cup[9]

NASA Rally Sport

NASA Time Trial

NASA-X Autocross

Porsche Racing Challenge

United States Touring Car Championship

Regional DivisionsEdit

Arizona Arizona

NorCal California-North

SoCal California-South

Central Central

Florida Florida

Great Lakes Great Lakes

Mid Atlantic Mid-Atlantic

Midwest Midwest

Mid South

The Mid-South Region was formed in 2011 by Shawn and Mike Taylor.

NOLA New Orleans

Northeast Northeast

Rally Sport - West Rally Sport - West

Rally Sport - East Rally Sport - East

Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain Region was formed in 2006 by Dave and Revkah Balingit. The region has run race, HPDE and Time Trial events at tracks such as High Plains Raceway, Pueblo Motorsports Park, Pikes Peak Raceway, Motorsports Park Hastings (Hastings NE) and Miller Motorsports Park (Tooele UT). As NASA grew, the new Central and Utah regions are holding events at the Miller and Hastings tracks allowing Rocky Mountain to concentrate primarily on Colorado tracks.

Southeast Southeast

Texas Region

NASA Texas was founded in the early 2000s by Jay and Shannon Matus. The region is currently managed by Will Faules of Austin, Texas. The reach of NASA Texas includes not just Texas but Oklahoma and parts of Louisiana. The region has nearly 10 tracks to choose from and include; Eagles Canyon Raceway (Slidell TX), Circuit of the Americas (Austin, Texas), Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (Jennings OK), Harris Hill Road (San Marcos TX), Motorsports Ranch Houston (Houston TX), Motorsports Ranch Cresson (Cresson TX), Texas World Speedway (College Station TX), and NOLA Motorsport Park (Avondale, Louisiana)

Utah Utah

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