Nashville Kangaroos

The Nashville Kangaroos is a United States Australian Football League, USAFL, team, based in Nashville, United States.[1] It was founded in 1997 and is a Founding Club of the USAFL.[2][3] The club's mascot is a red kangaroo, a happy coincidence as the Nashville Zoo features red kangaroos in Kangaroo Kickabout, an interactive exhibit with 4,500 square feet of naturalistic Australian landscape.[4]

Nashville Kangaroos
Nashville Kangaroos AFC logo.png
Full nameNashville Kangaroos, Inc.
Nickname(s)Kangaroos, Roos
Club details
ColoursNashville Kangaroos colors.png
Premierships2021 Division IV
Ground(s)Elmington Park, West End Nashville
Other information

In 2021, the Men's team won their first National Championship in Division IV going 4-0 for the clean sweep as National Champions.[5]


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