Narrows Covered Bridge

The Narrows Covered Bridge crosses Sugar Creek at the eastern edge of Turkey Run State Park and is a single span Burr Arch Truss covered bridge structure that was built by Joseph A. Britton in 1882.[3][4]

The Narrows Covered Bridge
The Narrows of Sugar Creek (Turkey Run State Park)
Coordinates39°53′27.68″N 87°11′8.46″W / 39.8910222°N 87.1856833°W / 39.8910222; -87.1856833
CarriesNarrows Road
CrossesSugar Creek, Parke County, Indiana
LocaleTurkey Run State Park, Parke, Indiana, United States
Official nameThe Narrows Covered Bridge
Named fornearby "Narrows" on Sugar Creek.
Maintained byState of Indiana Department of Natural Resources
WGCB Number
  1. 14-61-36[1]
DesignNational Register of Historic Places
Total length137 ft (42 m)121ft +8ft overhangs on each end
Width16.5 ft (5.0 m)
Height12.5 ft (3.8 m)
Constructed byJ. A. Britton
Construction costOriginal Cost $3,400
MPSParke County Covered Bridges TR
NRHP reference No.78000404[2]
Added to NRHPDec 22, 1978

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.[2]

History edit

The Narrows Covered Bridge was built to replace the previous bridge that Salmon Lusk had built in 1847, which itself had been built to replace the bridge he'd built in 1840. The first bridge was destroyed in 1847 and the second in 1875.

The Parke County Commissioners didn't decide to replace the bridge for several years and by then iron bridges were becoming popular. Finally, on August 24, 1882, the first bids opened. These included: Smith Iron Works (iron, $6,680), Wrought Iron Bridge Co. (iron, $5,706), King Iron Bridge Co. (iron, $2,904), Columbia Bridge Works (iron, $3,288), G. F. Haynes (wood, $2,704), and J. A. Britton (wood, $3,750 total). Except for Mr. Britton's bid, the others may or may not include the cost for the abutments or other costs. At any rate, all of the bids were rejected.

J. A. Britton was later awarded the contract for $3,400. This bridge has been acclaimed as the first in J. A. Britton's illustrious covered bridge career. Some purists though have criticized the pointed arch joints and it can be noted that J. A. Britton built a Billie Creek Bridge in 1880, but it was probably an open bridge.

Joseph A. Britton's first wife died while he was working on the Narrows Bridge. He later met his second wife, who was living at a farm not far from the narrows, while working on the bridge.[3]

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