Narita Station

Narita Station (成田駅, Narita-eki) is a passenger railway station in the city of Narita, Chiba Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East).

Narita Station

JR Narita Station 2016,Narita city,Japan.jpg
The station entrance in May 2016
Location839 Hanazakichō, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken
Coordinates35°46′40″N 140°18′51″E / 35.7778492°N 140.3140837°E / 35.7778492; 140.3140837Coordinates: 35°46′40″N 140°18′51″E / 35.7778492°N 140.3140837°E / 35.7778492; 140.3140837
Operated byJR logo (east).svg JR East
Line(s) Narita Line
Platforms1 side platform + 2 island platforms
ConnectionsKS40 Keisei Narita Station
Structure type13.1 from [[Sakura Station (Chiba)|]]
Other information
StatusStaffed (Midori no Madoguchi)
Station codeJO35
WebsiteOfficial website
Opened19 January 1897
Narita Station is located in Chiba Prefecture
Narita Station
Narita Station
Location within Chiba Prefecture
Narita Station is located in Japan
Narita Station
Narita Station
Narita Station (Japan)
Station platforms, 2020


Narita Station is served by the Narita Line, and is located 13.1 kilometers from the terminus of line at Sakura Station and 68.5 kilometers from Tokyo Station.

Station layoutEdit

Platform layout diagram

Narita Station has a single side platform and two island platforms, connected to the station building though footbridges to a common concourse. Track 4 is not served by a platform, and is used by non-stop Narita Express and Ayame limited express services. The station has a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office.


1  Narita Line for Chiba and Tokyo (via JO Sōbu Line (Rapid))
some trains for Narita Airport
2  Narita Line for Chiba and Tokyo (via JO Sōbu Line (Rapid))
some trains for Chōshi
3  Narita Line for Narita Airport and Kashimajingū
some trains for Chiba and Tokyo (via JO Sōbu Line (Rapid))
5  Narita Line for Chōshi, Kashimajingū and Narita Airport
some trains for Chiba and Tokyo (via JO Sōbu Line (Rapid))
some trains for Abiko, Ueno, Tokyo and Shinagawa (via JJ Jōban Line (Rapid) and Ueno–Tokyo Line)
6  Narita Line (Abiko Branch Line) for Abiko, Ueno, Tokyo and Shinagawa (via JJ Jōban Line (Rapid) and Ueno–Tokyo Line)

Adjacent StationsEdit

« Service »
Narita Line (Main Line, Airport Branch Line) JO35
Sakura JO33
Yotsukaidō JO31
  Narita Express   Narita Airport Terminal 2·3 JO36
Shisui JO34   Commuter Rapid   Narita Airport Terminal 2·3 JO36
Shisui JO34   Rapid   Narita Airport Terminal 2·3 JO36
Shisui JO34   Local   Kuzumi
Narita Airport Terminal 2·3 JO36
Narita Line (Abiko Branch Line)
Shimosa-Manzaki   Local   Terminus


The station forecourt in 1937

Narita Station opened on 19 January 1897[1] as a terminal station on the Narita Railway Company for both freight and passenger operations. The line was extended to Ajiki in 1902. The Chiba Prefectural Tako Line began operations on 1 July 1911, connecting Narita with Tako, Chiba.[citation needed] The Narita Railway was nationalised on 1 September 1920, becoming part of the Japanese Government Railway (JGR), and on 1 April 1927, the Chiba Prefectural Tako Line was renamed the Narita Railway Company Tako Line.[citation needed] This line stopped operations on 11 January 1944 due to wartime conditions, and was officially abolished in 1946. After World War II, the JGR became the Japan National Railways (JNR). The station building was reconstructed from 1977–1979.[citation needed] The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of the Japanese National Railways (JNR) on 1 April 1987. The spur line to Narita Airport was completed on 19 March 1991.[citation needed]

Passenger statisticsEdit

In fiscal 2019, the station was used by an average of 16,103 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[2]

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