Nariinteel, Övörkhangai

Nariinteel (Mongolian: Нарийнтээл) is a sum (district) of Övörkhangai Province in southern Mongolia. The sum centre is 135 km to the West from Övörkhangai aimag centre Arvaikheer and 565 km from the Mongolia capital Ulan Bator.

Nariinteel District

Нарийнтээл сум
ProvinceÖvörkhangai Province
Time zoneUTC+8 (UTC + 8)

The Bayanteeg coal mine and the settlement are approx. 40 km to the South from the sum centre.

Coordinates: 45°57′52″N 101°27′35″E / 45.96444°N 101.45972°E / 45.96444; 101.45972