NapsaQ (ナップサック, Nappu Sakku) is a Japanese three-piece band formed by Mikuni Shimokawa, Hiroyuki Matsugashita, and Takayuki Ito. They are distributed under Pony Canyon. To date, they have released one album on December 20, 2006 entitled NapsaQ~Seishun Song Request~ (NapsaQ〜青春ソングリクエスト〜). Shimokawa's upcoming single, Bird, will include a song performed by the band.[1]

Years active2006–present
LabelsPony Canyon
MembersMikuni Shimokawa
Hiroyuki Matsugashita
Takayuki Ito

NapsaQ has a radio show named Shimokawa Mikuni no Mikumori. (下川みくにのみくもりっ。) on JOQR which began its weekly broadcast on October 4, 2006 from 0230-0300. The show no longer appears to be airing as it is not listed on JOQR's schedule.[2] The opening theme song of the show is PicniQ and its ending theme song is Oyasumi (おやすみ), both of which are tracks performed by NapsaQ.


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