Nagin (1976 film)

Nagin (transl. Female Serpent) is a 1976 Hindi-language horror film, produced and directed by Rajkumar Kohli under the Shankar Movies banner. It stars Reena Roy in the titular role alongside an ensemble cast including Sunil Dutt, Feroz Khan, Jeetendra, Sanjay Khan, Rekha, Mumtaz, Vinod Mehra, Yogeeta Bali, Kabir Bedi, Anil Dhawan and its music was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. Despite being a woman-centric film, it was a blockbuster at the box office and the highest-grossing film of 1976. Following the success of the film, the lead actress Reena Roy received widespread attention and popularity.[1]

Nagin (1976).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byRajkumar Kohli
Screenplay byJaggiram Paul
Charandas Shokh
Story byRajendra Singh
Produced byRajkumar Kohli
StarringReena Roy
Sunil Dutt
Feroz Khan
Sanjay Khan
Kabir Bedi
Edited byShyam
Music byLaxmikant Pyarelal
Shankar Movies
Release date
19 January 1976
Running time
190 minutes

It was inspired by François Truffaut's French film The Bride Wore Black which was based on Cornell Woolrich's novel of the same name.[2] The film was later remade in Tamil with Sripriya playing Nagin in the film Neeya?.


Naagin and Naag are two snakes in love. They are not ordinary snakes as they have the power to shapeshift to human forms. One day, Naag is attacked by a hawk but is saved by a man named Vijay. Vijay is a scientist who research about snakes, especially the ones that can shapeshift. He discovers finds about Naag and Naagin and is fascinated by their powers. He conveys this to his friends, Rajesh, Kiran, Uday, Suraj and Raj. But they don't believe Vijay and ridicule him.

One day, Kiran kills Naag thinking that he was about to attack Naagin, as Vijay and others watch helplessly. Naagin is deeply enraged, and vows to avenge Vijay and his friends for Naag's death. She kills Kiran, Rajesh, Uday, Suraj and Raj in a systematic way and tries to kill Vijay but fails. After many attempts, she is mortally injured. Before dying, she realises her mistake. Later, Naag calls from the skies and they both reunite afterlife.



All music composed by Laxmikant–Pyarelal, all lyrics written by Verma Malik.

# Song Singer
1 "Tere Sang Pyar Main Nahin Todna" (Solo) Lata Mangeshkar
2 "Tere Sang Pyar Main Nahin Todna" (Sad) Lata Mangeshkar
3 "Tere Sang Pyar Main Nahin Todna" (Duet) Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor
4 "Hafte Mahine Barson Nahin, Sadiyon Se Hai Yeh Purane" Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi
5 "Tere Ishq Ka Mujh Pe Hua Yeh Asar Hai" Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi
6 "Tere Mera, Mera Tera Mil Gaya Dil Dil Se" Kishore Kumar, Suman Kalyanpur

"Tere Sang Pyar Main Nahin Todna" was featured in the soundtrack of the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The song was reused in Nagin's Tamil remake Neeya.


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