Nagatinsky Zaton District

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Nagatinsky zaton District (Russian: район Нагатинский затон) is a district in Southern Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Russia, located on the right bank of the Moskva River. The name Nagatino comes from a former village, known since the 14th century, which was engulfed by Moscow in 1960. District authorities control Kolomenskoye park, four permanently uninhabited islands on Moskva River and the peninsula of Nagatino Poima on its opposite, northern bank.

Nagatinsky zaton District
Nagatinsky Lowlands, Nagatinsky zaton District
Nagatinsky Lowlands, Nagatinsky zaton District
Flag of Nagatinsky zaton District
Coat of arms of Nagatinsky zaton District
Coat of arms
Location of Nagatinsky zaton District on the map of Moscow
Coordinates: 55°40′57.04″N 37°42′8.50″E / 55.6825111°N 37.7023611°E / 55.6825111; 37.7023611
Federal subjectMoscow
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Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK Edit this on Wikidata[2])
OKTMO ID45919000

Nagatino-Sadovniki is a different district, west of Nagatinsky Zaton.


See Kolomenskoye for the history of this area


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