Naek L. Tobing

Naek Lumban Tobing (August 14, 1940 – April 6, 2020) was an Indonesian physician, sexologist and author. He wrote Problems and Solutions (1994) and Premarital Sex, Extramarital Sex, and Building Marital Harmony.[1]

Naek Lumban Tobing
Born(1940-08-14)14 August 1940
Died6 April 2020(2020-04-06) (aged 79)
Other namesNaek L. Tobing
Occupationphysician, sexologist, and author
Known forfilling sexology rubrics in various national magazines and newspapers

Often appearing to fill sexology rubrics in various national magazines and newspapers. In addition, he was often invited as a speaker in a health rubric program related to sexology issues at various television and radio stations throughout Indonesia.

He was born on Samosir Island, Tapanuli. He was married to Marion Aritonang and has 6 children.

He earned a medical degree from The University of North Sumatra in 1966, and psychiatrist degree from The University of Indonesia in 1976. He also earned certified sex educator from The University of Minnesota in 1983.

He died at the Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP), Jakarta, on April 6, 2020 age 79 due to COVID-19.[2]


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