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NWA Australasian Tag Team Championship

The New Zealand version of the NWA Austra-Asian Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling tag team championship defended in the National Wrestling Alliance-affiliated All Star Pro Wrestling from 1981 to 1984. The titles were awarded to Steve Rickard and Mark Lewin on October 8, 1981, and were last held by Mark and Chris Youngblood in late-1984 before the titles were retired. There were 7 officially recognized teams and 16 individual champions in the titles 3-year history.[1]

Australasian Tag Team Championship
Date established1981
Date retired1984

Title historyEdit

# Order in reign history
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
Event The event in which the title was won
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily


# Wrestlers Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Steve Rickard and Mark Lewin 1 October 8, 1981 210 N/A Live event Awarded titles. [1][2]
2 King Kamaka and Baron Von Krupp 1 May 6, 1982 21 Auckland Live event [1][3][4]
3 Steve Rickard and Mark Lewin 2 May 27, 1982 84 Auckland Live event [1][2]
4 King Kamaka (2) and Ox Baker 1 August 19, 1982 42 Auckland Live event [1]
5 Mark Lewin (3) and Al Perez 1 September 30, 1982 21 Auckland Live event [1][2]
6 King Kamaka (3) and General Hiro 1 October 21, 1982 N/A Auckland Live event [1][5]
N/A 1982-1983 N/A N/A Title history is unrecorded. [1]
7 Larry O'Day and Ripper Collins 1 1983 N/A N/A N/A [1]
N/A 1983-1984 N/A N/A Title history is unrecorded. [1]
8 Mark and Chris Youngblood 1 1984 N/A N/A N/A [1]
Deactivated N/A N/A N/A The titles are retired in the mid-1980s. [1]


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