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The NPD Group, Inc. (NPD; formerly National Purchase Diary Panel Inc. and NPD Research Inc.) is an American market research company founded on September 28, 1966 and based in Port Washington, New York.[1] In 2017, NPD ranked as the 8th largest market research company in the world, according to the independent AMA Gold Report Top 50 report.[2] The NPD Group operates in 20 countries, across more than 20 industries.

The NPD Group, Inc.
Formerly called
  • National Purchase Diary Panel Inc. (1966–1975)
  • NPD Research Inc. (1975–1988)
Industry Market research
Founded September 28, 1966; 51 years ago (1966-09-28) (as National Purchase Diary Panel Inc.)
Headquarters Port Washington, New York, U.S.
Area served
Key people
  • Tod Johnson (EC)
  • Karyn Schoenbart (CEO)
  • Tom Lynch (CFO)
  • Steve Coffey (CIO)
  • Avi Halutz (CIO)
  • Susan Pechman (CMO)

NPD measures how consumers shop across all channels, sourcing data from both retailers and consumers to quantify sales, share, distribution, and velocity. The market research company collects point-of-sale data, tracking retailers, distributors, and foodservice operators, measuring what’s selling at 1,250 retailers, across 300,000 stores. NPD also interviews 12 million consumers annually and tracks millions of their receipts—following the same consumers over time—to understand shifting tastes and trends.

NPD helps retailers, manufacturers, financial analysts, and the public sector measure performance, predict future performance, improve marketing and product development, and identify business and consumer trends and market opportunities. NPD tracks spending and has dedicated advisers and analysts in more than 20 industries: apparel, appliances, automotive, beauty, books, consumer electronics, e-commerce, entertainment, fashion accessories, food consumption, foodservice, footwear, home, juvenile products, mobile, office supplies, retail, sports, technology, toys, travel retail, video games, and watches/jewelry.[1]

In 1984, the company launched its first retail tracking service for toys and has launched similar services in other industries and product categories since then. In 2001, NPD purchased the largest US consumer electronics and technology tracking company PC Data, founded by Ann Stephens, and based in Reston, Virginia. NPD uses sales data, such as checkout tracking from retailers and distributors as well as consumer-reported purchasing behavior, and offers consumer panel and retail sales tracking services, special reports, analytic solutions, and advisory services.[1]

NPD also provides a service called VIP Voice that allows consumers to complete surveys about the products and services that they use.[3]

NPD serves industries in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom.[4]

BookScan, Pubtrack Digital, PubTrack Higher Education, PubTrack Christian, Books & Consumers, PubEasy und PubNet belong to NPD since January, 2017. NPD has acquired these services from Nielsen’s U.S. market information and research services for the book industry. These services will be part of NPD Book, a new U.S. practice area.[5]


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