Nautical Club of Chios (Greek: Ναυτικός Όμιλος Χίου) is an aquatic club based in Chios. It was founded in 1930. Chios plays almost constantly in A1 Ethniki (first division of Greek Water Polo championship) and it has won a Greek Cup. One time also it was the runner-up of the championship.[1]

NC Chios
NC Chios logo.png
LeagueA1 Ethniki Water Polo
Based inChios, Greece
ArenaIonian Natatorium of Chios
Colors    Blue, White
PresidentDimitris Skapinakis
Championships1 Greek Cup


NC Chios was founded by prominent residents of Chios in 1930. At first was a club for vessel owners. Nevertheless in 1932 evolved to a sport club. The first natatorium was near the port of Chios. During 40s decade the club declined due to World War. The club's premises were used by German army as fort. During 50s it started the reorganisation of the club. At the beginning of 60s the club faced problems but a new administration helped the club to surpass them. Since 1966, Water Polo team plays constantly in A1 Ethniki (first division).[2] It has won a Cup and has finished in the first places of the championship many times.[1]

Recent seasonsEdit

Season Division Place Notes
1999-00 A1 Ethniki 7th
2000-01 A1 Ethniki 6th
2001-02 A1 Ethniki 7th
2002-03 A1 Ethniki 4th
2003-04 A1 Ethniki 7th
2004-05 A1 Ethniki 4th
2005-06 A1 Ethniki 5th
2006-07 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2007-08 A1 Ethniki 4th
2008-09 A1 Ethniki 6th
2009-10 A1 Ethniki 9th
2010-11 A1 Ethniki 5th
2011-12 A1 Ethniki 3rd Finalist Greek Cup
2012-13 A1 Ethniki 3rd
2013-14 A1 Ethniki 7th
2014-15 A1 Ethniki 9th
2015-16 A1 Ethniki 8th



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