NGC 1452 (or NGC 1455) is a barred lenticular galaxy in the constellation Eridanus. Located 80 million light years away, it is one of the farther galaxies of the Eridanus cluster, a cluster of approximately 200 galaxies. It was discovered on October 6, 1785 by William Herschel.

NGC 1452
NGC 1452 DSS.jpg
NGC 1452
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension03h 45.223m [1]
Declination−18° 37′[1]
Distance24.5 Mpc (79.9 Mly)
Apparent magnitude (V)11.8[1]
Apparent size (V)2.8′ × 1.5′[1]
Other designations
NGC 1455, ESO 549-12, MCG -3-10-44, IRAS 03430-1847, PGC 13765

The galaxy has a Hubble classification of SB0-a, indicating it is a lenticular galaxy with a bar. NGC 1452's bar extends from the core to the middle of the galaxy. It size on the night sky is 2.8' x 1.5' which is proportional to the real size of 65,000 light-years.

The galaxy is a member of the NGC 1407 Group, a small group of the galaxies inside the Eridanus Cluster, together with the galaxies NGC 1407, NGC 1400 and others.

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