NCOS is the graphical user interface-based operating system developed for use in Oracle's Network Computers (those computers have been discontinued).[1] It was adapted by Acorn Computers from its own RISC OS,[2][3] which was originally developed for their range of Archimedes desktop computers. It shares with RISC OS the same 4 MB ROM size and suitability for use with TV displays.

DeveloperAcorn Computers, Pace
Working stateHistoric
Available inEnglish
Default user interfaceRISC OS

Pace purchased the rights to use and develop NCOS from the STB division of Acorn Computers[4] (by then named Element 14). RISCOS Ltd later announced 'Embedded RISC OS', which was to have similarities with NCOS.[5]


NCOS originated in connection with the Network Computer project. It was used on various STB products.[6] It branched from RISC OS 3.60 and was called RISC OS 3.61[citation needed] before being named after Network Computer Operating System.[7] It was merged back into the HEAD whilst at Pace,[citation needed] where it was known as RISC OS-NC[8] and RO-STB.[9]


NCOS was designed in accordance with the Network Computer Reference Profile and therefore supports internet standards of the time.[citation needed] Being closely based on RISC OS, it is also capable of running a number of that operating system's applications.[10]

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