NBL Grand Final Most Valuable Player Award

The National Basketball League Grand Final Most Valuable Player is an annual National Basketball League (NBL) award given since the league's inaugural season to the best performing player of the Grand Final series. The winner receives the Larry Sengstock Medal, which is named in honour of Larry Sengstock, the winner of the league's first Grand Final MVP award.[1][2]


Year Player Nationality Team
1979 Larry Sengstock   Australia St. Kilda Saints
1980 Rocky Smith   United States St. Kilda Saints
1981 N/A N/A N/A
1982 N/A N/A N/A
1983 N/A N/A N/A
1984 N/A N/A N/A
1985 N/A N/A N/A
1986 Mark Davis   United States Adelaide 36ers
1987 Leroy Loggins   United States Brisbane Bullets
1988 Phil Smyth   Australia Canberra Cannons
1989 Scott Fisher   United States North Melbourne Giants
1990 Ricky Grace   United States Perth Wildcats
1991 Pete Hansen   United States Perth Wildcats
1992 Bruce Bolden   Australia South East Melbourne Magic
1993 Ricky Grace (2)   United States Perth Wildcats
1994 Paul Rees   Australia North Melbourne Giants
1995 Andrew Vlahov   Australia Perth Wildcats
1996 Mike Kelly   Australia South East Melbourne Magic
1997 Lanard Copeland   United States Melbourne Tigers
1998 Kevin Brooks   United States Adelaide 36ers
1999 Brett Maher   Australia Adelaide 36ers
2000 Marcus Timmons   United States Perth Wildcats
2001 Glen Saville   Australia Wollongong Hawks
2002 Brett Maher (2)   Australia Adelaide 36ers
2003 Chris Williams   United States Sydney Kings
2004 Matthew Nielsen   Australia Sydney Kings
2005 Jason Smith   Australia Sydney Kings
2006 Chris Anstey   Australia Melbourne Tigers
2007 Sam Mackinnon   Australia Brisbane Bullets
2008 Chris Anstey (2)   Australia Melbourne Tigers
2009 Donta Smith   United States South Dragons
2010 Kevin Lisch   United States Perth Wildcats
2011 Thomas Abercrombie   New Zealand New Zealand Breakers
2012 C. J. Bruton   Australia New Zealand Breakers
2013 Cedric Jackson   United States New Zealand Breakers
2014 Jermaine Beal   United States Perth Wildcats
2015 Cedric Jackson (2)   United States New Zealand Breakers
2016 Damian Martin   Australia Perth Wildcats
2017 Bryce Cotton   United States Perth Wildcats
2018 Chris Goulding   Australia Melbourne United
2019 Terrico White   United States Perth Wildcats
2020 Bryce Cotton (2)   United States Perth Wildcats
2021 Jock Landale   Australia Melbourne United

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