Myrciaria is a genus of large shrubs and small trees described as a genus in 1856.[5][3] It is native to Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies, with many of the species endemic to Brazil.[4] Common names include hivapuru, sabará, and ybapuru.

Camucamu seeds.jpg
Seeds of M. dubia
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Myrtales
Family: Myrtaceae
Subfamily: Myrtoideae
Tribe: Myrteae
Genus: Myrciaria
Type species
Myrciaria tenella
(DC.) O. Berg[2][3]
  • Myrciariopsis Kausel
  • Paramyrciaria Kausel

The jaboticabas are a significant commercial fruit in Brazil. The fruit is grapelike in size and appearance, and often likened to a muscadine grape in taste. Myrciaria dubia, the camu-camu berry, is grown primarily in flood-zone areas of Peru and has one of the highest vitamin C (ascorbic acid) concentrations of any fruit, alongside Terminalia ferdinandiana.

accepted species[4][6]
  1. Myrciaria alagoana Sobral - Alagoas
  2. Myrciaria borinquena Alain - Puerto Rico
  3. Myrciaria cordata O.Berg - Guyana, Bolívar, N Brazil
  4. Myrciaria cuspidata O.Berg - Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay
  5. Myrciaria delicatula O.Berg - Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, NE Argentina
  6. Myrciaria disticha O.Berg - E Brazil
  7. Myrciaria dubia (Kunth) McVaugh – Camu-Camu - Guyana, Venezuela, N Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  8. Myrciaria ferruginea O.Berg - E Brazil
  9. Myrciaria floribunda (H.West ex Willd.) O.Berg – Rumberry, Guavaberry - from Mexico + West Indies to Paraguay
  10. Myrciaria glanduliflora (Kiaersk.) Mattos & D.Legrand - Minas Gerais
  11. Myrciaria glazioviana – Cabeludinha, Yellow Jaboticaba (Kiaersk.) G.M.Barroso ex Sobral - E Brazil
  12. Myrciaria glomerata O.Berg – Red cabeludinha - E Brazil
  13. Myrciaria guaquiea (Kiaersk.) Mattos & D.Legrand - E Brazil
  14. Myrciaria ibarrae Lundell - Guatemala, Campeche, Quintana Roo
  15. Myrciaria myrtifolia Alain - Puerto Rico
  16. Myrciaria pallida O.Berg - SE Brazil
  17. Myrciaria pilosa Sobral & Couto - Bahia, Minas Gerais
  18. Myrciaria pliniodes Legr. - S Brazil
  19. Myrciaria puberulenta B.Holst - S Venezuela
  20. Myrciaria pumila (Gardner) O.Berg - Rio de Janeiro
  21. Myrciaria racemosa M.L.Kawas. - Ecuador
  22. Myrciaria rojasii D.Legrand. - Brazil, Paraguay
  23. Myrciaria strigipes O.Berg – Beach cabeludinha - E Brazil
  24. Myrciaria tenella (DC.) O.Berg - Hispaniola, Venezuela, French Guiana, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, N Argentina
  25. Myrciaria vexator McVaugh – Blue Grape - Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela
  26. Myrciaria vismeifolia (Benth.) O.Berg- Venezuela, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, N Brazil, Peru, Bolivia

Formerly placed hereEdit

  • Plinia cauliflora (Mart.) Kausel (as M. cauliflora (Mart.) O.Berg and *M. jaboticaba (Vell.) O.Berg)


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