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Myaungmya (Burmese: မြောင်းမြမြို့ [mjáʊɴmja̰ mjo̰]) is a town in Myaungmya Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar.

Myaungmya is located in Myanmar
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 16°35′0″N 94°54′30″E / 16.58333°N 94.90833°E / 16.58333; 94.90833Coordinates: 16°35′0″N 94°54′30″E / 16.58333°N 94.90833°E / 16.58333; 94.90833
Country  Myanmar
Region  Ayeyarwady Region
District Myaungmya District
 • Ethnicities Burman, Karen
 • Religions Buddhism, Christianity, Catholic
Time zone MST (UTC+6:30)

The town is home to the Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary, a Seventh-day Adventist seminary and Myaungmya Education College.

Myaungmya is where U Nu, the first premier of independent Burma, and Daw Khin Kyi, the wife of national leader General Aung San were born. It was also one of the towns where anti-colonial nationalistic education was implemented, with U Nu serving as district education officer.

George Orwell served as assistant superintendent of police in Myaungmya in 1924.


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