My Generation (1996 film)

My Generation (Italian: La mia generazione) is a 1996 Italian drama film written and directed by Wilma Labate.[1]

My Generation
La mia generazione.jpg
Film poster
Directed byWilma Labate
Written byWilma Labate
Paolo Lapponi
Andrea Leoni
Francesca Marciano
Sandro Petraglia
StarringClaudio Amendola
Silvio Orlando
Music byNicola Piovani
CinematographyAlessandro Pesci
Release date
  • 1996 (1996)

The film won the Grolla d'oro for best film.[2] It was also the Italian candidate in the race for the 1997 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.[2][3][4]


1983. Braccio (Amendola), a political prisoner (he was a terrorist) is brought from Sicily to Milan by a captain of the Carabinieri (Orlando). He was given talks with his girlfriend. During the journey the captain shows himself kind, open, on his side. Arriving almost at destination the officer throws the mask. It was all a trick, the prisoner will have privileges, and perhaps soon freedom, if he speaks and denounces one of his fugitive comrades, probably murderer of a policeman. Braccio refuses and he's brought back to Sicily.


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