My Cat Yugoslavia

My Cat Yugoslavia (Finnish: Kissani Jugoslavia) is the first novel by Pajtim Statovci. The novel explores the lives of a woman in Kosovo and of her son as a refugee in Finland.[1][2] The book was first published in Finnish in 2014[3] and in English in 2017.[1] It received the 2014 Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize.[4] It was made into a play and staged at the Finnish National Theater in Helsinki in 2018.[5]

My Cat Yugoslavia
First edition
AuthorPajtim Statovci
Original titleKissani Jugoslavia
TranslatorDavid Hackston
PublisherHelsinki: Otava (Finnish 1st ed.)
UK: Pushkin Press (UK English 1st ed.)
US: Pantheon Books (US English 1st ed.)
Publication date
Published in English


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