Mutuelleville is a district of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. It is located north of the downtown area,[1] and borders Parc du Belvédère to the southwest. The main street through Mutuelleville is Avenue Jugurtha.

Mutuelleville is known as a more upper-class area of Tunis,[a] and it is home to many of the city's foreign embassies and other diplomatic offices. Other notable locations are the Lycée Pierre Mendès France,[2] the university dormitories of Harroun Errachid and Fattouma Bourguiba, the Chedli Zouiten stadium,[3] and the Sheraton Tunis hotel.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 36°49′56″N 10°10′29″E / 36.83222°N 10.17472°E / 36.83222; 10.17472