Muslim Students' Association (Indonesia)

The Muslim Students' Association (Indonesian: Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam, literally "Islamic Students' Association", abbreviated as HMI) is an Indonesian Muslim student organization. HMI is an independent organization with the objective of "connecting academics, creators – servants of Islam, and taking responsibility for creating a just people blessed by Allah".

Islamic Students' Association
Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam
Formation5 February 1947; 76 years ago (1947-02-05)
FounderLafran Pane
TypeStudent organization
Region served

History Edit

HMI was founded in Yogyakarta on 5 February 1947 at the initiative of Lafran Pane with 14 students from the Institute of Islam in Yogyakarta (Indonesian: Sekolah Tinggi Islam Yogyakarta),[1] currently Indonesian Islamic University.

References Edit

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