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Music of Thessaly is the music of the geographic and historical region of Thessaly (Greek: Θεσσαλία) in Greece. Folk dances from Thessaly are slow and stately, and include: Kalamatianos, Thessalikos, Dionysiakos, koftos, Sirtaki, Kalamatiano, Tsamikos, kleistos, kangeli, gaitanaki, tsamikos, Pilioritikos, svarniara, sta tria, karagouna, Kleistos, zeibekiko, Rougatsiarikos, Tsamiko of Deskati, antikrystos and galanogalani.

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Also, every year in Tyrnavos occurs the Phallus Festival before Easter, a pagan fertility festival in honour of the god of Mount Olympus, Dionysus which locates in ancient Greece and is one of the most famous worldwide. There is also a long-standing tradition of a cappella music in Thessaly, including in dance music.

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